Dr Mary-Anne Binnie

Collection Manager Palaeontology

+61 8 8207 7457


Mary-Anne joined the Museum in 2010 as Assistant Collection Manager in Palaeontology.  In 2012, she became Collection Manager in Palaeontology.


Research Interests  

Mary-Anne is enrolled as a part-time PhD student at the University of South Australia studying micropalaeontology and invertebrate palaeontology – with a focus on elaborating current understandings of Holocene sea-level changes in the South Australian gulf waters using fossil benthic foraminifera as palaeo-environmental indicators.


Current Research Projects

Application of benthic foraminifera to infer Holocene sea level changes in Northern Spencer Gulf, South Australia.  M. Binnie.  Ongoing PhD project.


Professional Associations

  • Member, Australian Quaternary Association

  • Member, Flinders University Palaeontology Society

  • Member,Geological Society of South Australia



  • B Ed (Geology), University of South Australia (1991)
  • PhD study (part-time), University of South Australia (current)


Community Engagement

Binnie, M. (2012).  Fossil preparation activities.  PalaeoWeek 2012, South Australian Museum. 24 March–01 April 2012.

Binnie, M. (2012).  Inspiring Australia - Megafauna Makeover workshop. Magill Training Centre. 29–30 May 2012.

Binnie, M. (2012).  Inspiring Australia - Megafauna Makeover workshop. Collinsville Station. 28 October 2012.

Binnie, M. (2012).  Inspiring Australia - Megafauna Makeover workshop. Collinsville Station. 09 December 2012.

Binnie, M. (2012).  Fossil preparation activities. Fossil Fest 2013, South Australian Museum. 20–21 April 2013.



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