Dr Peter Hudson

Collection Manager Terrestrial Invertebrates (Entomology)

+61 8 8207 7505


From July 2005 to November 2006, Peter was casually employed at the Museum as Assistant Collection Manager and then as Collection Manager in Entomology.  Throughout 2007, he worked with Ecological Associates, a private environmental consultancy based in Adelaide.  Peter was appointed as Collection Manager in Terrestrial Invertebrates (Entomology) in January 2008.


Research Interests                    

Taxonomy and ecology of terrestrial invertebrates living on salt lakes.



  • BSc (Hons), University of Adelaide (1991)

  • PhD, Flinders University (2000)


Community Engagement 

Hudson, P.  Guest speaker on salt lakes, General Meeting of the Field Naturalists Society of South Australia, "Salt Lakes - nothing could live out there..... (or could it?)".  8 August 2012.



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