Dr Rachael King

Research Scientist Marine Invertebrates

+61 8 8207 7486


Rachael completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne (2001), working within the Marine Invertebrates Section of Museum Victoria. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Cork, Ireland (2001–2003) and later managed the South-eastern Regional Taxonomic Centre in Charleston, South Carolina, USA (2003–2008). She returned to Australia in 2009 to take up a research position at the SA Museum, with funding by the Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS), and then in 2011 became the head of the Marine Invertebrates Section.


Position at Other Organisation

  • Affiliated Research Fellow, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Adelaide


Research Interests    

My research interests focus on the biology, systematics and molecular phylogenetics of amphipod and isopod crustaceans; biodiversity and evolutionary relationships of groundwater associated fauna; biodiversity of marine invertebrates.


Current Research Projects

Resolving the systematics of stygobitic Amphipoda (Crustacea) using morphology and genetic analyses – the Melitidae and Paramelitidae of central Western Australia (Pilbara). R. King, S. Cooper and W. Humphreys (Western Australian Museum).  2011–2014, Australian Biological Resources Study, $247,500.

Exploring the taxonomy, distribution and evolution of a unique subterranean fauna: amphipod crustaceans from the Yilgarn region of central Western Australia. R. King and S. Cooper.  2011–2014, Hermon Slade Foundation, $53,380.


Professional Associations

  • Member, Australian Marine Sciences Association

  • Member, Crustacean Society

  • Member, Royal Society of South Australia

  • Member, Society of Australian Systematic Biologists



BSc (Hons), University of Melbourne (1997)

PhD, University of Melbourne (2002)


Current Teaching Responsibilities          

Supervision of PhD students from the University of Adelaide:

  • Seyedmohammad Javidkar.  Project: Phylogenetics and systematics of the Australian troglobiont isopod genus Trichorhina.


Community Engagement 

Waterhouse Club trip to Coobowie, February 2013

WOMAD, March 2013

Butterfly Conservation Society of South Australia, April 2013


Media Expertise

Marine Invertebrate enquiries (specialised in crustaceans but can discuss jellyfish swarms and other periodic beach/ocean events)

Freshwater invertebrate enquiries (stream invertebrates – crustaceans specifically – but not insects)

Subterranean invertebrate enquiries (those captured in bore water, springs, aquifers)

Good knowledge of the South Australian mound springs and Lake Eyre basin freshwater invertebrates 



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