Michael O’Donoghue

Honorary Research Associate

Mr O'Donoghue is recently retired from University of South Australia. His research interests include Ancient Egypt.


M. O’Donoghue (1999) The Egyptian Column at the South Australian Museum. Records of the South Australian Museum 31,2: 127-147.

A. Morrison & M. O’Donoghue (2012) A Ramasside Funerary Stela in the South Australian Museum. The Bulletin of the Australian Centre for Egyptology 23: 89-104.

Current Projects

The Diary of Maximilian Weidenbach

The research of this diary, written during the Prussian expedition to Egypt 1842-1845 and led by Karl Lepsius, is deposited in the archives of the South Australian Museum. Mr O’Donoghue is preparatiing the transcription and translation from German for publication, in collaboration with Susanne Binder and Boyo Ockinga of the Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University.