Mr Robert Morris

Head of Collections

++61 8 8207 7455


Robert Morris joined the Museum as Head of Collections in January 2002. He was formally Regional Services Manager at the Museums and Galleries Foundation of NSW. Robert has over 25 years curatorial and collections management experience working in museums as diverse as the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, the Swiss National Museum in Zurich and the Manchester Museum in England. He has degrees in Classical/Near Eastern Archaeology and Industrial Archaeology/Heritage Management. His research interests includes the archaeology of Iron Age Cyprus and collections digitisation.

Robert hopes that by enhancing sound collections management practices to the vast array of magnificent collections at the South Australian Museum, physical and virtual access to them may be improved for all users.


Professional Associations           

  • Chair, Fauna Collections Informatics Group
  • Member, Museums Australia
  • Member, Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections



  • BA (Hons), Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Sydney (1982)
  • M Soc Sci, Industrial Archaeology and Heritage Management, University of Birmingham (1990)