Ms Kathleen M Saint

Facility Manager, South Australian Regional Facility for Molecular Ecology and Evolution Evolutionary Biology Unit

+61 8 8313 5854


Kathy came to Adelaide in 1997 to take up a three year Australian Research Council-funded research position in the Evolutionary Biology Unit (EBU) with Steve Donnellan and Mark Hutchinson to study the phylogeny of Australian agamid and gekkonoid lizards. She was recruited back in 2001 to manage the molecular laboratories in EBU at The Science Centre as well as to work with Steve Cooper on his research projects focusing on phylogeography and speciation.  In 2002 the molecular laboratories moved to the University of Adelaide where Kathy was promoted to Facility Manager which has become the South Australian Regional Facility for Molecular Ecology and Evolution (SARFMEE).



  • BSc, University of British Columbia (1978)


Current Teaching Responsibilities

Currently inducts and teaches PhD and Honours students in molecular techniques within the SARFMEE laboratories.  



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