Ms Leanne Wheaton

Collection Manager Australian Biological Tissue Collection

+61 8 8207 7481


Leanne joined the Museum’s Evolutionary Biology Unit as a molecular biologist in 1996 to work on genetic studies of the stock structure of King George Whiting and Garfish.  This research, part of a wider biological study, was in collaboration with the South Australian Research and Development Institute Aquatic Sciences and funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.  Subsequently, Leanne has worked on numerous different grant-funded projects that have addressed many biological questions across a diverse range of species. In 2011 she was appointed to her current role managing the Australian Biological Tissue Collection.


Current Research Projects

Investigation of some new systems to assist with collections management to deploy in all sections of the Museum to streamline work flows such as bar-coding collection assets.  Along similar lines, Leanne is involved with the development of a field data collection system to streamline the process of data management from the field through to integration of specimens into the different collections across BiologicalSciences. 



  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Med Lab Sci) (Hons)
  • Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning     


Community Engagement

Teaching science part-time in Department of Education and Child Development primary schools - with focus, where possible, on the types of science carried out at the South Australian Museum.      


Media Expertise

Practical aspects of managing the Australian Biological Tissue Collection.



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