Figures in possum skin cloaks and lyrebird

Figures in possum skin cloaks and lyrebird. Drawn by King William Barak, 1903.

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Archival information is made available to the local and international community through publication, promotion, education and exhibitions. The specialised knowledge contained in the Museum’s archives contributes to a better understanding of Indigenous culture, geological diversity and biodiversity.

To supplement the South Australian Museum’s research interests, documents have also been collected by donation, bequest and acquisition. Fellow scientists, missionaries, Indigenous organisations, artists, police inspectors, medical doctors and photographers from the mid-1800s have all contributed to the wealth of knowledge contained in the Museum archives.

The South Australian Museum Archives was formally established in the 1940s when the Curator of Anthropology, Norman B. Tindale, recognised the need to manage the collections and aid their retrieval. In 1966 Graeme Pretty, Tindale's successor, developed the existing system further by adding a classification system linking the objects to the archives. In 1980 the registration system was superseded by the record group system where collections are accessioned by collector or donor. This system continues to be used today.

The majority of corporate records dating pre-1940 were transferred to State Records of South Australia. Many of the Archive collections are still unprocessed. See the complete list.


Staff in Archives


Catalog of Australian Aboriginal Tribes

Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division (SAMA 1083)

Aboriginal and Historic Relics Unit (AA 861)

Aborigines' Friends' Association (AA 1)

Albrecht, Pastor Friedrich Wilhelm (AA 662)

Angas, George French (AA 8)

Angas, Marjorie Alice (AA 676)

Anthropological Society of South Australia (AA 824)

Badcoe, Major Peter John (SAMA 1129)

Bailey, John Frederick (AA 16)

Barak, William (AA 795)

Basedow, Herbert (AA 22)

Bates, Daisy May (AA 23)

Bedford, Robert Arthur (AA 26)

Birdsell, Dr Joseph Benjamin (AA 689)

Black, Dr Eustace Couper (AA 31)

Board for Anthropological Research (AA 346)

Bolam, Anthony Gladstone (AA 640)

Bond, Tony (AA 858)

Brown, Henry Yorke Lyell (AA 41)

Brumby, Allan Ferguson (AA 42)

Bryan, Laurie (AA 43)

Burdon-Jones, Professor Cyril (SAMA 1070)

Burrows, Harold Edgar (AA 45)

Bush Heritage Australia Bon Bon Station (SAMA 1053)

Campbell, Professor Thomas Draper (AA 52)

Casson, Marjory Rose (AA 55)

Chewings, Charles (AA 59)

Cleland, Sir John Burton (AA 60)

Colson, Edmund Albert (AA 62)

Cooper, Harold More (AA 64)

Cotton, Bernard Charles (SAMA 892)

Davies, Professor Edward Harold (AA 70)

Dicks, Iris Daphne (AA 827)

Doolan, John Kevin Raphael (AA 632)

Duguid, Dr Charles (AA 79)

Duryea, Townsend (AA 80)

Elder Scientific Exploring Expedition (AA 85)

Fenner, Professor Frank John (AA 91)

Field Naturalists’ Society of South Australia Inc. (SAMA 1058)

Fietz, Hilda Magdalene (AA 674)

Finlayson, Hedley Herbert (AA 93)

Fristrom, Carl Magnus Oscar (AA 103)

Foot, Iris L (SAMA 1066)

Fry, Daisy FM (AA 30)

Fry, Dr Henry Kenneth (AA 105)

Giles, Pam (SAMA 1141)

Gillen, Francis James (AA 108)

Goode, Bernard (AA 551)

Hackett, Cecil John (AA 122)

Hale, Herbert Matthew (AA 124)

Hart, Neil and Jane (AA 856)

Heidenreich, Alwyne Vernon De Lorimer (SAMA 998)

Hollister, Margaret (AA 826)

Hyde, Matron Ruby May (AA 148)

Jew, Betty (SAMA 967)

Johnson, James Eric (AA 159)

Johnson, John Howard (AA 160)

Johnston, Professor Thomas Harvey (AA 161)

Kempe (AA 675)

King, Herbert John (AA 166)

Knight, John George (AA 169)

Kramer, Ernest Eugene and Euphemia (AA 669)

Kruger, Johan Friedrich Carl (AA 566)

Lorking, Diana (AA 797)

MacDougall, Walter Batchelor (AA 193)

Mace, Violet (AA 199)

Martin, Franz Xavier Carl Wilhelm (AA 207)

McConnel, Ursula Hope (AA 191)

Meyer, Reverend Carl August (AA 215)

Mitchell, Matthew (AA 220)

Money, Percy J (AA 222)

Mountford, Charles Pearcy (AA 228)

Nam, Judith Pearl (AA 671)

Nott, William (AA 238)

O’Loughlin, Kevin (Uncle Dookie) (SAMA 1047)

Padman, Vernon Ragless (AA 245)

Parkes, Roy (AA 246)

Reece, Evan Wilfred (SAMA 1155)

Reuther, Reverend Johann Georg (AA 266)

Rice, Peter Melville (AA 267)

Sanders, William Blackwood (AA 276)

Scholz, Hilda Antonia (AA 780)

Schrader, Herman Friedrich (AA 280)

Schramm, Carl Friedrich Alexander (AA 281)

Sheard, Harold Llewellyn (AA 290)

Shepherdson, Harold Urquhart (AA 320)

Skipper, John Michael (AA 291)

Smith, William Ramsay (AA 263)

Smith, William Thomas Lingwood (AA 295)

Stapleton, Percy (AA 306)

Stewart, Duncan (AA 307)

Stirling, Edward Charles (AA 309)

Strzelecki & Coopers Creek 1916 Expedition (AA 299)

Teague, Una Sybella (AA 322)

Terry, Michael (AA 333)

Tindale, Dr Norman Barnett (AA 338)

Vyse, Frederick Roy (AA 353)

Walker, Dr William Delano (AA 357)

Weathersbee, Rodney Douglass James (AA 362)

Williams, Reginald Murray (AA 623)

Wilson, Shirley Cameron (AA 857)

Winterbotham, Lindsey Page (AA 377)

Womersley, Herbert (AA 872)

Worsnop, Thomas (AA 383)

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