Board for Anthropological Research (AA 346)

Board for Anthropological Research

Established: 1926, Adelaide, South Australia
Dissolved: 1975, Adelaide, South Australia

The Board for Anthropological Research (BAR, AA 346) sponsored over 40 anthropological expeditions to study Australian Aboriginal people in the five decades following its establishment in 1926. Although the work of the Board was focused on physical anthropology, the expeditions also resulted in research across a range of fields, such as linguistics and botany, and also broader aspects of anthropology, including the documentation of social organisation, ‘tribal’ or language boundaries, and songs and ceremony. The records of the Board for Anthropological Research and related collections held in the South Australian Museum Archives, contain detailed information in a range of formats about many Australian Aboriginal groups and individuals.

The South Australian Museum Archives contains minutes, drafts and proofs of publications, papers related to expeditions, data cards, genealogies, photographic prints and negatives, crayon drawings, and film.

The Board for Anthropological Research collection inscribed onto the UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Register in 2015.