Duguid, Dr Charles (AA 79)

Dr Charles Duguid

Born: April 1884, Saltcoast, Scotland
Died: 5 December 1986, Adelaide, South Australia

Dr Charles Duguid, MA, MB, ChB, FRACS was educated in and studied medicine at Glasgow University Scotland, where he also taught for a period before migrating to Australia in 1912. He founded Ernabella 'Mission to Aboriginies' in 1936 with the cooperation of the South Australian Government. The mission is now supported by the Presbyterian Church of Australia. He was known as "the friend of the Aboriginies" and was awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1970 for his missionary work.

Some of the photographic work records held by the South Australian Museum (SAM) were copied before they were donated to the National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection. Probably the most significant portion of the SAM holdings of original records is the large variety of artwork created by Australian Aboriginal Children in the period around 1946. The collection also includes a small number of Duguid's publications.

The Ara Irititja Project has a complementary collection of Ernabella records.

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