Duryea, Townsend (AA 80)

Townsend Duryea

Born: 1823, Glencoe, New York, United States of America
Died: 13 December 1888, Riverina District, New South Wales, Australia

Townsend Duryea was trained as an artist, an engineer and a photographer. Duryea's skill, professionalism and success as a photographer were well known throughout South Australia, Duryea's career was cut short by a fire that destroyed his studio and some 50,000 negatives, almost his entire life's work. The South Australian Museum Archive holds 4 rare original prints by Duryea, as well as some reproduction negatives and prints.

The South Australian Museum would like to acknowledge the State Library of South Australia for the use of the Townsend Duryea image. See Online Guide for details.

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