Foelsche, Paul Heinrich Matthias (AA 96)

Paul Henirich Matthias Foelsche

Born: 30 March 1831, Moorburg, Hanover, Germany

Died: 31 January 1914, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Paul Heinrich Matthias Foelsche migrated to South Australia in 1856 and was appointed Trooper 3rd Class in the Mounted Police. He married Charlotte Gorgina Smith in Strathalbyn on 5 January 1860, being appointed Sub Inspector in charge of the Northern Territory Mounted Police in 1870.  

He made a systematic study of Australian Aboriginal customs and language, which was read to the Royal Society of South Australia as Notes on the Aborigines of North Australia, on 2 August 1881. Foelsche was a leading photographer of the Northern Territory where his work became the main pictorial record of natives, scenery and industries. 

 The South Australian Museum Archives contains a photograph album, loose photographs, negatives, heraldic shields, maps and documentation.