Hale, Herbert Matthew (AA 124)

Herbert Matthew Hale

Born: 3 June 1895, Adelaide, South Australia
Died: 3 September 1963, Adelaide, South Australia

Herbert Mathew Hale, Zoologist, was the Director of the South Australian Museum from 1931 to 1960. He made important contributions in both the administration of the Museum and within his specialisation in Southern Australian crustaceans.

Hale’s executive work was always coupled with a strong interest and participation in research. He took part in numerous South Australian Museum Expeditions as well as the Board for Anthropological Research expeditions to: Hermannsburg (1929), MacDonald Downs (1930), Cockatoo Creek (1931), Mt Liebig (1932), Ernabella (1933), The Granites (1936) and Nepabunna (1937). During these trips he participated in anthropological research, took motion picture film, still photography, phonographic recordings, as well as conducting zoological studies.

Hale was a respected advisor and prominent member of many societies and associations including the Royal Society of South Australia; the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia, the Anthropological Society of South Australia, and was secretary (1928-1956) to the Board for Anthropological Research.

The South Australian Museum Archives contains papers, photographs and cinefilm.

The records relating to the Board for Anthropological Research in the Herbert Matthew Hale collection was inscribed onto the UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Register in 2015.