Young explorers: Shields

Young explorers

16 - 27 May 2016
10.15-10.45am - book here
11.15-11.45am - book here

People, animals and insects all use shields, but what for? Come on a special adventure to find out!

Formerly known as Tell Me a Story, Young explorers is a program designed so that children and their families  can enjoy an interactive experience that immerses them in the stories, objects and spaces of the South Australian Museum.

Experienced facilitators use play experiences to engage the senses, incorporating story, song, movement, rhyme, observation, exploration, communication and tactile sensations in each session.

 Young explorers is presented with the generous support of the Thyne Reid Foundation.


Side by side: a journey of two friends

Karl and Michael

Sunday 29 May 2016
11am and 1pm (30min)
Free event - no booking required
Suits all ages

Winda and William are two people from different cultures, but the same world. It is a world we all share, and call home. When Winda and William met, more than 150 years ago, they began a friendship that would last for the rest of their lives, and would span the generations. While everyone around them focussed on the difficulties those differences might lead to, Winda and William looked to how those differences might bring people together. They saw that what made them different was to be celebrated, and that what they had in common would bind them together in friendship. Across the years, they would often share stories and songs with each other so that they might learn each other’s ways of understanding. Across the years, they walked a shared pathway, made by those who’d walked it before them. Join acclaimed educators and performers Karl Telfer and Michael Mills in this special performance experience for Reconciliation Week as they share the songs and stories of their respective ancestors, and in so doing share with us all a new way of understanding each other.


Sprigg lecture series: John Carty - Renewal and Reconciliation in the modern Museum

Professor John Carty

31 May, 6:00pm until 7:00pm
Free event – Booking required via Eventbrite  
Suitable for ages 16+

My research career has been spent bridging the gaps between different disciplines and different cultural systems of knowledge: such as between anthropology and art history, or between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal understandings of historical or ecological events. Working closely with Aboriginal people in the Western Desert, and around the country, has informed and challenged my conceptual orientation to questions of pedagogy, culture and the evolving place of the museum as a site of reconciliation in Australian society. In this lecture I will explore some of the personal and intellectual revelations – about Australian history, about art history, about Aboriginal concepts of materiality and heritage – that have punctuated my research and which are in turn shaping my approach to the South Australian Museum.  I will explore how the last 15 years of research, and the questions that have been raised therein, will inform my approach to research, collections, exhibitions and outreach over the next decade. But these questions are not simply about the detail or provenance or emphasis of a particular museum collection, and nor are they limited to anthropology or the humanities; rather they are about interrogating and rejuvenating the role of the museum in a changing world. I will examine our role not only as custodians of material culture, as archivers or interpreters of historical processes, but of the museum as a dynamic and provocative agent in cultural processes that continue to define, enrich and challenge our understandings of ourselves as Australians.


Torchlight tours - footsteps in the shadows

torchlight tour

Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th June
6:00pm and 7:30pm
Bookings essential via Eventbrite (links in the dates above)
Suits ages 6+

Come with us on a journey of reconciliation through the shadows of possibility of the South Australian Museum at night. Join two great friends, an Aboriginal Australian and a British Australian, on a shared adventure amongst the footsteps of their respective ancestors.

Starring acclaimed performers Karl Telfer and Michael Mills, 'Footsteps in the shadows' is the personal story of two of Adelaide's most beloved performers, and makes for a delightful family adventure. 'Footsteps in the sand' will not only provide you with a great entertainment experience, but will add to your own experience and understanding of reconciliation, and what it really means to walk amongst each other’s footsteps.