School holiday program

Kids enjoying the School Holiday Program

Children and families enjoying the school holiday program.

School holiday program

The Museum’s popular school holiday program offers unique opportunities for children to connect with and be excited by science and culture; to be involved in something out of the ordinary that they might not get to experience at home or school.

The program offers a range of free experiences to over 5000 school aged children during each school holiday period. Each week-long program is designed to evoke children's curiosity, encouraging them to question and build on their own personal understandings related to nature and culture.

The school holiday program at the Museum has been running for over 30 years. We have welcomed generations of children through the doors year after year. It can be a spark for lifelong learning and an interest in science and research, inspiring children with scientific thinking, skills and cultural understanding. 


The South Australian Museum is a Learning Destination for Children's University. More information on Children's University can be found here.