Early Years

Tell Me a Story for Early Years and Reception.

The South Australian Museum is a vibrant learning environment  that can foster children’s learning and development.

We aim to support children to feel secure, confident and connected within the Museum. Our programs are designed to expand children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

All lessons are held in positive social learning environments that promote small group interactions. Activities are responsive to children but have some elements of intentional teaching.

We promote high expectations of children, engage in shared thinking and ask open-ended questions to develop problem solving skills.


The Children’s Voice

The Museum worked in collaboration with the Department and the Art Gallery of South Australia to research how young children engage with cultural institutions. The research was based on the Reggio Emilia principles, and was conducted over three school terms with four preschools.

The resulting exhibition and information we have learned from the project will allow us to develop better, more engaging educational programs for Early Years children. 


Opportunities in the Museum


You may like your children to experience learning in the whole Museum using a Discovery Trail.

Lesson with a DECD Education Manager or Volunteer

If you have a particular learning focus you can book a gallery and have an Education Manager lead your children through a hands-on directed learning experience. The Education Manager provides a 30 minute lesson and we have hands-on collections available for Fossils, Australian Aboriginal Cultures, World Mammals, Pacific Cultures and Biodiversity and Marine Life.

Small groups of around 12 children are ideal for these activities. Larger classes can be split and two lessons given to provide focused learning.