Special Programs

National Science Week - Light in the Ocean

National science week

Years: 6-9 students

When: Monday August 17th- Friday August 21st

Time: 10am -2pm

Cost: Free

This year education is offering school students the opportunity to engage in two 45 minute interactive workshops that explore Light in the Ocean. Students will work with South Australian Museum scientists to discover the importance of colour in nature.

Session one: Colourful Cuttlefish

Students will explore the Great Australian Cuttlefish which gather each winter in Whyalla to breed. This species and breeding ground is a hot topic at the moment as the State Government is planning development in this zone. As well as learning about the species itself, ethical behaviour and scientific literacy will also be addressed in this session. Can scientists, through research preserve this area for the cuttlefish species?

Session two: Light in the Deep

Using special glasses students will explore what happens to light as you move through the ocean depths. This session will highlight deep sea organisms and bioluminescence and explore function of this mechanism. Hands on activities have been developed for this activity to support student understanding of this concept.

After these sessions an opportunity will be provided for you and your students to explore the Museum’s amazing Biodiversity Gallery.

For bookings contact Education on 8207 7427.