Special Programs


National Science Week

August 15-19th
Session times      10am       11:30am      1:00pm
Audience    Years 3 - 7  (maximum 30 students per class)
Cost: Free

For National Science Week this year we are embracing the ‘Technology’ in STEM.

At the Museum, we will be offering two inquiry based sessions; one focussing on traditional Pacific Islander culture and the other addressing traditional Australian Aboriginal culture. Each session highlights the technologies these cultures developed that helped to shape their everyday lives.

Students will gain a greater understanding of what technology is, the influence of available materials and the need that drove creation. Discussion will be drawn to technologies of today and their impact on current society.

In each session the students will be active participants, exploring gallery artefacts to solve questions and handling traditional objects. Each session will run for an hour.

For more information or to book a class please contact Tahnee 8207 7429 or email education@samuseum.sa.gov.au