Professional learning

Professional development

The DECD Education Manager based at the Museum can provide professional development opportunities for teachers. These sessions are offered for travelling exhibitions and for all existing galleries within the Museum.

Professional learning sessions highlight how exhibits can be used to engage students and enrich their learning. All sessions address the Australian Curriculum are embedded with Teaching for Effective Learning (TfEL) methodologies and meet National Teacher Standards. Certificates of attendance are issued for all sessions.

Term 1 Professional Learning

Traditional Aboriginal technologies

Date    Tuesday 5 April

Time   4pm -7pm

Location  South Australian Museum

Cost  $20

A 3 hour certificate of attendance aligned to the AITSL standards will be issued after the session.

 Teaching traditional Aboriginal culture is an important part of the Australian Curriculum. In this professional learning, you will have the opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field and to explore the wide range of resources and programs (R-12) on offer to support your students understanding.

In the first session, Dr. Philip Jones, Senior Curator of Anthropology will guide you through the South Australian Museum’s new exhibition, Shield’s: power and protection in Aboriginal Australia. This exhibition explores the function of shields and their meaning to individuals and community.

In the second session, Karen Hogan, DECD Education Manager will showcase all the educational resources available to support teachers and student learning. These resources address Australian curriculum and cover years Reception to 10 and include newly developed resources: Aboriginal bark painting eBook and a year 8 audio trail.

There will then be a break where you can have a complementary glass a wine and chat with colleagues.

The third session is attendance to the Museum’s April Sprigg lecture.  Sprigg lectures are designed to provide visitors to the latest research and thinking. Dr. Rachel Popelka Filcoff, Flinders University school of Chemical and Physical Sciences will be speaking about her current research into ancient ochres. Indigenous Australians have been using ochre and other natural mineral pigments for a variety of cultural uses such as rock art and body decoration, since some of the earliest known human occupation of Australia.

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