April 2014

Boy with crocodile skull. Picture courtesy of The Advertiser/Naomi Jellicoe.

Image courtesy of The Advertiser/Naomi Jellicoe.

School Holiday Program: Collections

What do you like to collect? The Museum collects all sorts of things, from Australian Aboriginal hunting tools to butterflies and even whale skeletons! 

Discover why collections are important and how they can be the key to the future in this exciting, hands-on School Holiday Program. 

All programs are free and are subject to change without notice.

*Please note the Museum is closed on Good Friday 18 April 2014.


Curious Collections

13 April, 11am-2pm
Main Foyer and North Foyer, Ground floor
Suited all ages

Every object tells a story. Hear stories from South Australian collectors. Bring in a treasure form your own collection and talk with experts from Artlab Australia about how best to take care of your collection. 

Trail: Explore a Collection

13-17 April, 10am-3pm
Collect in Main Foyer, Ground floor
Suited ages 5-12

Choose a self-guided trail and explore one of the South Australian Museum’s unique collections.

Confessions of a Collector

13-17 April, 10am-3pm
North Foyer, Ground floor
Suited all ages

Step into the Confessions of a Collector booth. Record your thoughts about collections and hang them anonymously for others to see. 

Curate your own Collection

13-17 April, 10am-3pm
Pacific Cultures Gallery, Mezzanine
Suited ages 5+

Museum Collection Managers plan, display and catalogue collection items. Learn how to curate your own collection and sequence, group and interpret the Museum collections. 

Collection of Thoughts

13-17 April, 10am-3pm
Megafauna Gallery, Level 3
Suited all ages

Turn off your phones. Pause. Decompress. Collect your inner-most thoughts and share them on our bubble thought wall. 

Collection Conversation

14-17 April, 11.30am & 1.30pm
Various galleries; see timetable in Main Foyer
Suited ages 5-12

The rare, old and bizarre were prized objects for many early collectors. Hear Museum experts share their stories behind some of the unique collection items on display at the South Australian Museum. 

Whale Workshops

14-17 April, 12-1.30pm & 2-3.30pm
Meet in Main Foyer, Ground floor
Suited ages 5-12
Bookings essential

The Museum has a world-class cetacean collection. Learn about whales and create your own floating pod using recycled bottles. Create funny, imaginative and empathetic stories about humans and whales, using your whale creation as inspiration. 

The School Holiday Program is made possible by the generous support of the Thyne Reid Foundation.