Dig It @ The Museum


Dig It @ The Museum

1-23 March, 10am-4pm
Museum front lawns

Bring your budding palaeontologist to the Museum during this year’s Adelaide Festival to discover evidence of life as we know it, which began over 560 million years ago here in South Australia. 

Join our dig in the sand to uncover the mysterious Ediacaran fossils buried there. Combine this engaging hands-on exploration ‘in the field’ with a visit to the newly reopened First Life: Ediacara Biota Gallery, which displays fascinating finds and interactivity to delight all ages. 

Presented by the South Australian Museum in association with Adelaide Festival. 

Download the full program here.


Opening Weekend (1-2 March)

All events are free unless otherwise indicated.


Prehistoric Playpen
1 & 2 March, 10am-4pm
Megafauna Gallery, L3
Best suited to children under 5 years

A relaxing play space of books, dress-ups and prehistoric soft toys that explore animals from long, long ago. 


Performance: Dinosaurs Down Under and Other Curiosities
1&2 March, 11-11.45am & 2-2.45pm
Main Foyer
All ages

Sing and dance with performer Professor Flint to explore Australia’s dinosaurs and other amazing creatures from long ago.


Owl Pellet Dissection and Bone Sorting
1&2 March, 11am-3pm
Main Foyer
Best suited ages 8+

What can owl pellets teach us about biodiversity and life in the past? Practise the skills of a palaeontologist to discover for yourself in this interactive experience.


Fossil Curiosity Cart
1&2 March, 11am-2pm
Museum Front Lawns
Best suited ages 3+

Get up close with fossils and holds millions of years of history in the palm of your hand.


Walk & Talk Guided Tour
2 March, 2.30-3.15pm
Meet in Main Foyer
Best suited ages 8+

Journey back in time on this guided tour through the galleries with the Museum’s Evolutionary Palaeobiologist Dr Mike Lee. 


Short Talks: I Want to be a Palaeontologist
2 March, 1-2pm
Pacific Cultures Gallery, Mezzanine
Best suited ages 12+

Do you have an interest in fossils and the world of palaeontology? Are you considering palaeontology or earth science as a future area of study or a career? Join three young PhD students from Flinders University as they share their stories with you. Stay on in the palaeo lounge to meet these students and ask all your fossil questions.


Supporting Progams (1-23 March)

All events are free unless otherwise indicated.


Self-guided Fossil Trail: Window into the Past
1-23 March, 10am-4pm
Collect from Main Foyer
Best suited ages 5+

Step back in time with a self-guided fossil trail that explores some of the Museum’s fossil stories. Look through the window to stop and notice the details.


Fossil ID
1-23 March, weekdays 11am-4pm, weekends 11am-3pm
Information Centre, L1
Best suited ages 5+

Bring your mystery fossils along to the Information Centre for identification.


Piece by Piece
5-21 March on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 10am-12noon
Megafauna Gallery, L3
Suits all ages

Find out what happens behind the scenes to prepare fossils.


Short Talks: Microbes, Monsters and Molecules

14 March, 6.30-7.30pm
Pacific Cultures Gallery, Mezzanine
Best suited ages 12+
Bookings essential

Join a panel from the South Australian Museum’s internationally-renowned Palaeontology team as they share their world-class fossil research and discoveries from right here in South Australia. Hang out in the Palaeo Lounge to meet the Palaeontologists and ask all your fossil questions. 

Ediacaran gutless wonders – Dr Jim Gehling, Senior Research Scientist
Cambrian biological warfare – Dr Diego C. Garcia-Bellido, Honorary Research Associate
Unknown unknowns in today’s world – Dr Mike Lee, Senior Research Scientist


Torchlight Tours
14 March
6-6.45pm (ages 6-12), 7-7.45pm (ages 13-17), 8-8.45pm (ages 18+)
Fossil Galleries, L3
Cost: $12 per person (torches provided). Bookings essential
Note: Max 25 per tour. Parents and caregivers are included in booking numbers for 6pm and 7pm tours. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Please limit to one adult per child for 6pm and 7pm tours.

Join singing performer Professor Flint on his exploration of the Museum’s fossil galleries after dark in these illuminating and entertaining tours. 


Tell Me a Story: Fossil Hunters
3-7 March, 10.15-10.45am & 11-11.30am
Fossil Galleries, L3
Free. Bookings essential.

Let’s go back a long, long, long time ago and dig for buried treasure of the fossil variety! This program is designed especially for children 3-5 years old. 


Sprigg Lecture with Prof Mary Droser
4 March, 6pm
Pacific Cultures Gallery, Mezzanine
Free. Bookings essential.
Best suited ages 12+

Catching the Ediacara Wave: Just how different was life in the South Australian oceans 550 million years ago?