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Outreach 2015

On the road to Alice Springs, September 2014

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The Out of the Glass Case roadshow takes Museum experiences to children who may never have been outside of their remote community.  Each year teams of Museum scientists and educators enable hands-on quality educational experiences inspired by the Museum’s collections.  The roadshow has hit the road each year since 2003 and is one of the most impactful ways in which the Museum connects with people outside of the Adelaide area.  Our free community programmes and exhibitions can only continue to take place with the generosity of supporters like you.

Outreach map

Out of the Glass Case destinations 2003-2015

A donation of $50 could fund an outreach workshop

A donation of $300 could enable 20 children to experience the Tell Me a Story programme for 3-5 year olds.

A donation of $1000 could fund the participation of one of the Museum’s star scientists in a week long Out of the Glass Case Roadshow.

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