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Have you seen the wonder in a child’s eyes when they discover something new for the very first time? It just makes you smile in delight.

This is what the South Australian Museum gives to children in your community – a safe place that nurtures their natural curiosity and encourages life-long learning. 

Our world class children’s programs go one step further and help to connect children and their families through shared wonder and experiences.

Every child deserves this opportunity, but demand for our unique children’s programs is extremely high. We are asking for your help so that all children can get the most out of their Museum visits.

Our free programs are only possible with your support and your tax deductible donation will help create memories that will last a lifetime: without it, many kids will not know the delight of discovering the natural world.

Please support the next generation of creative thinkers, explorers and researchers. 


Young explorers

 Young explorers program

“I never thought the Museum was a space for young kids, but now I feel so welcome – my kids can be kids here.”

The Young Explorers program for 3-5 year olds is designed to create generations of curious thinkers, explorers and researchers.  Children become fossil hunters to uncover life from a long, long time ago, snuggle into a cubby to learn about animal homes or make music with instruments from many cultures.

Each session is thoughtfully planned in line with the world’s best early learning practices. Children are immersed in the stories, objects and spaces of the Museum. Holding a fossil, patting a real wombat or smelling a stinky dried fish – these are the experiences that bring science to life for children and their parents.

These true stories (often stranger than fiction!) can give the rare gift of shared wonder to children and their parents as they both learn or experience something for the first time.

At its heart, Young Explorers is about nurturing and building relationships between children and their parents, grandparents and carers, so that they can develop to their full potential.

But we need your help to welcome and engage with every child in our community. You can give the gift of inspiration and education that will last a lifetime.