11 May 2023

Antarctica: Its History, Relevance & Securing its Environmental Future



General admission: $16

Concession: $13

Museum Members/SAEF Members: $11

Remote, lonely, inhospitable. Antarctica is all of these things. But there is also irreplaceable beauty in this critical part of our world that is in danger of being lost.

Melting ice sheets are changing the world we live in, penguins, whales, and the tremendous array of unique Antarctic life are counting on humanity to step up and protect it. Science today—built on the history of yesterday— tells us how to secure the Antarctic future, and what you can do to help.

From Sir Douglas Mawson through to today's Antarctic scientists, South Australia has over 100 years of Antarctic history and scientific breakthroughs. Join Antarctic scientists and historians for an insider’s view of today’s most compelling scientific questions, the people who answer them and how both draw upon an incredible history of Australian scientific endeavour to deliver practical information for current and future generations. 

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