17 - 28 February 2023

Electric Dreams: VOLO Dreams of Flight

Presented by Electric Dreams as part of the Adelaide Fringe


Single flight: $10

4 flight bundle: $33

Schools: $7 - $300

Companion card: free

Each swing is 5 minutes

Soar high into space with Volo: Dreams of Flight! Volo celebrates Leonardo da Vinci’s famous flying contraptions, studies of flight and pioneering work on perspective.

Aboard a playground swing, wearing your VR headset, you’ll be instantly transported into one of four flying machines: soar over cliffs as an ORNITHOPTER; join an aerial ballet in your HELICAL SCREW; shoot into orbit and PARACHUTE back to earth; or weave your GLIDER across an extraterrestrial landscape.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s fabulous flying contraptions, Volo is brought to you by Studio Go Go and founder, Professor Brendan Walker, the world’s only Thrill Engineer.

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