National Science Week

biodiversity gallery

When: 14 – 18 August 10am – 2pm (3 x 60 min sessions at each site 10am, 11:30am& 1pm) 
Cost: Free 
Bookings: Submit a school booking request  

This multi-site learning program provides opportunities for students in years 4-7 to connect with the Australian Curriculum: Science and the Visual Arts.

In a guided session students will visit the South Australian Museum, the Art Gallery of South Australia and Artlab. Delve deeper into the National Science Week theme ‘future earth’ with a visit to the Museum’s Biodiversity Gallery and learn how scientists are working to preserve endangered species. Explore the science of art in the Gallery’s permanent collection, SALA displays and the Ramsay Art Prize exhibits.Visit Artlab to discover how Egyptians used a form of chemistry in the process of mummification and how modern technology reveals what is inside a mummy.