Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

Since 2002 the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize has called for established and emerging artists to turn their gaze to the natural world. Named after the South Australian Museum’s first curator, Frederick George Waterhouse, this biennial prize recognises the long-running interplay between scientific research and the creative arts, from the illustrators and sculptors who help to describe and depict specimens, to contemporary artists who invite us to think about our environment and our impact on the natural world.

From epic celestial canvases to salt-and-silk textile works, the shortlist for the 2024 Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize brings together a rich and diverse survey of works that map the intersection of nature, science, and art.

Winners will be announced on 11 April ahead of the public opening of a major exhibition showcasing all shortlisted finalists running until 10 June.

A $5,000 People’s Choice Prize sponsored by the K&S Langley Fund will also be awarded by public vote at the exhibition’s conclusion.

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2024 Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

Art and science collide as artists investigate the natural world around them.

Click here to view the 2024 Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize shortlist.

Image: Nelumbo nucifera: Lotus, Nick Mount, Open Prize finalist

Grass tree – Growing together


Grass tree – Growing together exhibits a moving connection to nature, culture, and art, while speaking to the colonial tensions inherent in western traditions of natural history.

By Jenna Lee, Victoria.

Prize money donated by IAS Fine Art Logistics.

Coming Together


The understated beauty of Coming Together reveals a depth of meaning. Gall’s work finds the similarities between the process of 3D-printing, and the natural cycles through which shells are made.

By Andrew Gall, Queensland.

Prize money donated by Hill Smith Art Advisory.

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