Tracing the Anthropocene

Join artists Tanya Voges and Susan Bruce as they explore and get creative with the South Australian Museum’s biological and earth sciences collections. You can follow along in these interactive virtual workshops and create your very own natural world-inspired art, all from the comfort of home!

Susan Bruce

Birds have undergone adaptive processes and have changed over time to meet their environments. In this video, visual artist Susan Bruce provides step-by-step instructions on how to create your own hybrid birds inspired by the South Australian Museum’s Ornithology collection.

For this workshop you will need the three downloadable PDF resources provided below along with scissors, glue stick, coloured paper, and pencils or pencil crayons.

Tanya Voges

Ediacaran fossils are evidence of some of the oldest known complex, multicellular animal life on Earth. The Ediacaran fossils held by the South Australian Museum provide insight into how these creatures may have moved and lived up to 635 million years ago. In this video, artist Tanya Voges will demonstrate a symmetrical drawing technique you can try at home and how to move your body inspired by the lines of the Ediacaran fossils.

For this workshop you will need the downloadable PDF resource provided below along with a drawing partner (if possible!), paper, and any type of drawing implement (e.g. charcoal, pastels, pencils or texters).

About the Program

Tracing the Anthropocene is a collaborative partnership between Guildhouse and the South Australian Museum as part of the project, STEAM Incubator Series: A creative exploration of sustainability at the fusion of the Arts, Culture and Science, supported by Arts South Australia. The residency provides artists with the opportunity to access and engage with the South Australian Museum’s collection and present their research and work digitally and online for diverse audiences. 

Presenting Partners: Government of South Australia | South Australian Museum | Guildhouse

Supporting Partner: Floodlight

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