Museum Research

Most visitors to the Museum’s galleries and exhibitions on North Terrace, in the heart of Adelaide’s cultural precinct, will be totally unaware of the dedicated team of scientists and anthropologists who conduct natural history and cultural research, publishing their discoveries in peer-reviewed national and international journals, book chapters and scholarly books. 

Our research activities not only benefit, inform and inspire the Galleries and many of the Exhibitions on display at the Museum, but have an impact that reaches far beyond the buildings we occupy in Adelaide. Our collections and research staff have strong links and collaborations with colleagues and students at institutions elsewhere in Adelaide, in Australia and overseas, thereby extending our reach internationally.

The academic research status of the South Australian Museum is strong among museums nationally as determined by the number and combined value of external, competitive research grants, the majority of which are secured from the Australian Research Council, and the number of peer-reviewed publications that its researchers produce.  Each financial year, the Museum produces an Annual Report which provides concise highlights of our research activities in the different discipline areas.  Our Annual Reports also include a comprehensive list of publications, teaching, workshops and other research endeavours by our staff.

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