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The South Australian Museum is a place for lifelong learning and inspiration. Learning is how we make sense of our world. The South Australian Museum offers a range of vibrant programs with opportunities to learn about science and the natural and cultural world around us.

Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre is a special place for people of all ages to feed their curiosity. The Discovery Centre is open to the public from 10:30am-2:30pm on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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Identification help

'What is this rock?’ is a commonly asked question here at the South Australian Museum. To help answer your questions – and celebrate the diversity of the geological world – we’ll be running 'What's That? Wednesdays: Rocks, Minerals and Fossils' on the first Wednesday of each month in the Discovery Centre (Level One) between 3.30pm-4.30pm.

If you have a favourite rock or a fossil you'd like to be identified or verified, our expert geologist will be on hand to answer as many queries as possible and help explain these fascinating natural wonders.

For other identification enquiries, visit our Identification FAQs page.

Three children and a woman in a modelled marine environment playing a game on a tablet

The Shadow Initiation

The Shadow Initiation is a fun and challenging activity that helps children develop critical and creative thinking skills, while building their personal and social capability.

Race against the clock on a digital adventure game to see the Museum like never before. Part escape room, part scavenger hunt, part behind-the-scenes Museum tour, this game provides a Museum experience like no other. With one hour on the clock and over 40 puzzles to attempt, this is your chance to unlock the secrets of the Museum.

Visit our Shadow Initiation page for bookings and further information.

This game is aligned with the General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum. Click here to download the new curriculum aligned resource. 

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