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Fun & learning

The South Australian Museum is a place for lifelong learning and inspiration. Learning is how we make sense of our world.

Our team in the Discovery Centre on level one knows all about our exhibits and can even help identify any specimens you bring in. If you do manage to stump them with a particularly tricky question, they have our expert scientists to call on to help find the answer.
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Students & schools

You can access the South Australian Museum's resources for your school.

For now, all school group bookings are on hold due to COVID-19. When we reopen bookings, all school visits to the Museum must be booked in advance. Overcrowding in galleries can be a problem at peak times and reduces enjoyment and educational benefits for both school groups and other visitors. To ensure fairness, we require all bookings requests to be made by email using this form and, where possible, please plan to book at least two weeks in advance.

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Teaching resources

Although we're unable to take bookings for school groups at present we still have many resources that you can use safely in your classroom.

We've got some handy resources to inspire your students on their learning journey. When we re-open school bookings, discovery cases will provide them with a hands on experience, allowing them to remove and touch specimens safely at school.

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Earth sciences education

We are pleased to offer a range of upcoming learning opportunities for students and educators as part of a new partnership with the Department for Energy and Mining.

Watch out for new Earth and Environmental Sciences resources and programs aligned with the Australian Curriculum for learning at the South Australian Museum and beyond.
Children in a learning environment listening to a teacher

Discovery cases

We're unable to loan out our discovery cases at present, due to COVID-19. When things are back on track, you can borrow artefacts or specimens in a 'discovery case' from the Museum.

Invite the Museum into your classroom and get up close and personal with a case of artefacts and specimens. The Discovery Cases provide students with a hands-on experience as they are able to remove and touch many of the items in the cases.

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National Reconciliation Week resources

2020's National Reconcilitation Week's theme 'In this together"' resonates even more now as most people adapt to a new way of doing, learning and living.

Enjoy a range of activities, from a virtual Sprigg Lecture to our much loved Young Explorer sessions and discover further resources and information including curriculum alignment for teachers.

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