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You can access the South Australian Museum's resources for your school.

All school visits to the Museum must be booked in advance. Overcrowding in galleries can be a problem at peak times and reduces enjoyment and educational benefits for both school groups and other visitors. You can book an appointment here. You can also download the school visitor information sheet here.

Discovery cases

You can borrow specimens and artefacts from the Museum. We provide discovery cases to support and enrich classroom experiences.

Educator facilitated lessons

Lessons with a staff or volunteer Museum educator will be booked into a gallery for one hour. These sessions will usually involve approximately 45 minutes facilitated learning time and the remaining time can be used for students to browse the gallery at their leisure or to complete activities set by their teacher. We have a very small team and limited sessions available. Book a lesson now.

Education manager & education volunteers

Some Museum visits are led by a staff or volunteer Museum educator while others are self-guided.

Organising your visit

To ensure all visitors have a safe and enjoyable visit please read through the guidelines below and share relevant information with your students in advance.

Importantly, students aren't permitted to carry bags with them in the galleries and we have very limited storage so please plan your visit with minimum belongings.

If you are allocated bag storage space, it is only for use during your visit in the Museum and all belongings must be collected when you leave.

Museum rules & guidelines

Safety for school excursions

Museum map 

Preparing for your visit

Before arrival

Please make sure that you have downloaded any teaching resources from our site that you require and have pencils for your students to use.

We will provide your students with backing boards to support their work as clipboards can sometimes scratch display glass.

If you have booked to do a discovery trail please have your small groups already organised. Also designating the starting gallery for their trail is a good idea as this helps ease congestion when we have many schools booked in.

On arrival

If the weather permits please ask students to wait outside the Museum entrance on the lawn while the teacher or supervising adult checks in at the security desk.

Reception staff will go through the Museum rules and provide you with a locker key so that students can store their backpacks, drink bottles and any other items that are too bulky to carry.

If you have booked a staff or volunteer educator, reception staff will inform them of your arrival.

After you have checked in, students can then enter, put their bags away and begin their visit.

Self-guided visits

For self-guided visits, galleries are generally booked for your class for one hour. Extensions of time can be negotiated. Teachers may use print materials developed by the Museum or create their own programs using our ideas for teaching.

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