Whenever you're stuck inside and searching for something new to do, #STEMyourBoredom is here to help. Learn from our community programs team, researchers and collection managers about what ignites their minds with wonder.

Dye fabric with Lara

Join Lara from our Community Programs team as she shares a fabric dyeing activity that you can do from home. With a few ingredients from the pantry, some pegs and rubber bands, you can make your own patterns and colours.

Make a stink bug with Nancy

Why are stink bugs so smelly? Nancy talks with Ben, a South Australian Museum insect expert, about why these bugs have been chewing on a plant in her garden, and teaches us how to create a bug puppet at home. You can download the template for your own bug here.

Discover rocks with Leanne

Many of us find special rocks when we're out exploring. In this #STEMyourBoredom video the South Australian Museum's Manager of Education Leanne Wheaton talks about meteorites, which are rocks that fall to Earth from outer space, and helps us figure out if we've found one.

You will need:

  • some rocks

  • a surface such as a sandpit or a tray containing soil or sand

  • some small balls, such golf balls or superballs, and/or some marbles

  • a metre long ruler or stick to measure height, a smaller ruler or 'calipers'

  • a squeegee to smooth the surface, or you can use your hand or a stick instead.

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