Aurora symposium 2014

The Australasian Antarctic Expedition led by Dr Douglas Mawson marked the first Australasian temporary occupation of Antarctica.

The Aurora symposium was held in February 2014 to conclude the Aurora Expedition Centenary: Overlooking Mawson’s Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-14.

The symposium focused on what has been omitted, forgotten, not well told or distorted. Some aspects have until recently been neglected, others have been so highlighted that mythical elements can be discerned.

The one-day event at the Mawson Laboratory represented a special collaboration between the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Museum, and coincided with the date on which the expedition’s ship, Aurora, sailed into Port Adelaide’s harbour on 26th February 1914, bringing to an end this pioneering scientific venture. The presenters included leading national and international polar experts, ranging from Antarctic scientists to history of science specialists, descendants of expeditioners, and best-selling authors.


Symposium papers

1. Dr Andrew Atkin, Gateway Antarctica, University of Canterbury, Christchurch
From Southern Cross to Aurora: a brief history of advances in Antarctic terrestrial magnetic research, 1898-1914

2. Dr Anna Lucas BSc, PhD
Captain John King Davis, bringing Mawson and the team home

3. Dr Elizabeth Leane, Associate Professor, School of Humanities/Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania
Mawson's Misfits: Laziness, Leisure and Literature in the Australasian Antarctic Expedition

4. Heather Rossiter
The boy from Adelaide, C T Madigan

5. Mark Pharaoh, Senior Collection Manager, Australian Polar Collection, South Australian Museum
Sealers, Wekas and Other Kiwi Influences on the AAE at Macquarie Island: Overlooking the New Zealand Contribution, 1911-14

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