Andakerebina (NT)

LocationTarlton Range east to Toko Range; headwaters of Field River; down the Hay River but southwestern range uncertain, probably to about Lake Caroline but limits depend at different times on flow of stream in flood.
Co-ordinates137°20'E x 22°45'S
Area12,000 sq. m. (31,200 sq. km.)
ReferencesCurr, 1886; Parry-Okeden, 1897; Roth, 1897; Mathews, 1899 (Gr. 6445), 1901 (Gr. 6453); Capell, 1956; Tindale, 1940.
Alternative NamesAntakiripina (of Iliaura), Undekerebina, Andeberegina (probably a misprint), Walwallie, Willi-willi, ? Yanindo.