Braiakaulung (VIC)

LocationProvidence Ponds, Avon and Latrobe rivers; west of Lake Wellington to Mounts Baw Baw and Howitt. One of the five tribes associated as the Kurnai; its name is based on a place name today known as Briagolong, where the i is still pronounced with the sound of the ai dipthong.
Co-ordinates146°40'E x 37°50'S
Area2,600 sq. m. (6,800 sq. km.)
ReferencesSmyth, 1878; Fison and Howitt, 1880; Bulmer in Curr, 1887; Curr, 1887; Howitt, 1904; Anonymous, 1909 (11(6): 120); Tindale, 1940.
Alternative NamesBrayakaulung, Braiakolung, Breagalong, Brayakau, Nulit (name applied to language spoken by several associated tribes), Brayakaboong (the term signifies 'men of the west').