Ilba (QLD)

LocationOn Cape River west to Dividing Range; north to about Pentland Hills and Seventy Mile Range; on Campaspe River; east to about Suttor River; south to Lake Buchanan; at Natal Downs. Six hordes are known. One, the ['Munkibara] is also claimed as a Mian tribe horde. The name Eneby may be Curr's misreading of Elleby.
Co-ordinates146°5'E x 20°50'S
Area7,400 sq. m. (19,200 sq. km.)
ReferencesPalmer, 1884; Armstrong, Tompson, and Chatfield in Curr, 1886; Giglioli, 1911; Beuzeville, 1919; Tindale, 1940.
Alternative NamesYukkaburra, Yuckaburra, Munkeeburra, Moothaburra (horde name), Mungera (horde name), Mungerra, Eneby (said to be language name), Pagulloburra (horde name).