Jaadwa (VIC)

LocationHorsham and Upper Wimmera River; south to Morton Plains and Grampians, west to Mount Arapiles and Mount Talbot; east to beyond Glenorchy and Stawell; north to near Warracknabeal and Lake Buloke. Their term for man was ['darua]. Tribal movements were toward the south, reaching almost to Casterton and Hamilton at time of first white contacts. Lake Buloke was a center where members of several tribes met for ceremonies. Stone (1911) gives 'Dallundeer' as the Wembawemba name for this tribe; this is a locality name (now Toolondo). His Mount Albert locality is probably Mount Talbot. The track to the stone ax mine near Harrow passed through Toolondo.
Co-ordinates142°20'E x 36°40'S
Area3,500 sq. m. (9,100 sq. km.)
ReferencesParker, 1842, 1844; Eyre, 1844, 1845; Robinson, 1844; Ridley, 1875; Eyre in Smyth, 1878; Parker in Smyth, 1878; Smyth, 1878; Howitt and Fison, 1884; Curr, 1887; Howitt, 1903, 1904; Mathews, 1903 (Gr. 6514), 1904 (Gr. 6451); Stone, 1911; Davidson, 1938; Tindale, 1940, and MS; Massola, 1970.
Alternative NamesJa:rewe, Mukja:dwen, Yardwa-tyalli (['jaadwa] and ['ngalanja] in southern hordes = no), Yartwur, Yarawain, Mukjarawaint, Ngengenwuru, Ngenngen-wurro, Nandatjali (language name ['nanda] = good, ['jali] = speech), Nundatyalli, Knindowurrong (i.e., clear speakers, term claimed by several tribes), Knindowurong, Knenkorenwurro, Knen-knen-wurrong, Kneu-Kneu-wurro (misprint), Milangburn, Djappuminyou (a horde); Djappuninyou (typographical error), (kuli = name for man), Dallundeer (of Wembawemba), Bulukwuro (horde at Lake Buloke), Boolucburer, Portbulluc (horde at Mount Zero), Morton Plains tribe, Brapkut (name of speech of southern hordes), Murra-murra-barap (horde at Glenorchy).