Jaburara (WA)

LocationAt Nickol Bay and the peninsula leading north to Dolphin and Legendre islands. A small tribe, now extinct, with a separate dialect related to Ngaluma. The name merely means 'northerners.' My informant half remembered another name as Madoitja but suggested it be queried since he had not thought about it for a long time. In his youth the Jaburara had been reduced in numbers to 'a small family.'
Co-ordinates116°50'E x 20°40'S
Area200 sq. m. (500 sq. km.)
ReferencesWalcott, 1863; Brandenstein, 1965 MS; Tindale, 1966 MS.
Alternative NamesJaburara-ngaluma (northern Ngaluma), Jaburrara-ngarluma, Madoitja (see qualifying note above).