Jaudjibaia (WA)

LocationOn the Montgomery Islands, n.n. ['Jawutjap] (this name applies probably only to the main island), including those in the southern part of Collier Bay. In 1931 they were being absorbed among the Worora as an Atpalari moiety clan, but were stated by J. R. B. Love to represent a different physical type of people. Tradition is that the islands were once a large country but a big flood came and drowned it so that now there are only islands.
Co-ordinates124°13'E x 15°56'S
AreaUnder 50 sq. m. (130 sq. km.), including reefs.
ReferencesStuart, 1923; Love, 1931 MS, 1932; Tindale, 1953 MS; Birdsell, 1954 MS; Coate, MS (mentioned in Wurm, 1965), 1966.
Alternative NamesYaudjibaia, Yaujibaia, Jawutjubar, Jadjibaia, Jaudjibara, Jadjiba, Bergalgu (language name fide Birdsell), Montgomery Islanders.