Jeithi (NSW)

LocationNorth of the Murray River from west of Tocumwal to near Howlong; north to Lake Urana, Jerilderie, and Lockhart; also along Yanko and Billabong Creeks. Originally they extended farther east but were being displaced by Wiradjuri during the earliest days of white settlement. Their country is open Eucalyptus woodland with stands, sometimes dense, of native pines (Callitris). They had a moiety system. Little is known of them and even the above name, first mentioned by Richards, may be in doubt. A vocabulary by Gordon implies they traveled as far west as Deniliquin; there were some differences in dialect between the several hordes.
Co-ordinates145°55'E x 35°25'S
Area5,000 sq. m. (13,000 sq. km.)
ReferencesMcLean in Curr, 1887; Gordon in Curr, 1887; Curr, 1887; Richards, 1902; Parkes, 1952 MS.
Alternative NamesYeidthee (['wiri] = no, ['bu:ri] = man), Pikkolatpan (a horde ?, but see Kwatkwat in Victoria list).