Kabalbara (QLD)

LocationWest of Mackenzie and Isaac rivers to Peak Range; north nearly to Cotherstone. I formerly thought Howitt's term, when written as Jetimarala, might be the proper name; my tribal informant knew only Kabalbara which might appear to be one more applicable to a horde of a tribe; however, other information now suggests the Jetimarala tribe was a separate one related to the Barada, and living on the Broad Sound Ranges and it has been so treated.
Co-ordinates148°45'E x 22°55'S
Area2,600 sq. m. (6,800 sq. km.)
ReferencesHowitt, 1904; Roth, 1910; Tindale, 1938 MS, 1940.
Alternative NamesNone has been reported.