Kanolu (QLD)

LocationEastern headwaters of the Comet River from Rolleston north to Blackwater and upper Mackenzie River; east to about Dingo and vicinity of Duaringa. Their original population in 1860 was about 500 persons. Because of a similarity of name, this tribe has been confused with an eastern neighbor the Kangulu from whom they differed widely in dialect. Their word for 'man' was ['mari] and for 'no' was ['kara], contrasting with the ['bama] and ['ka:ngnu] of the Kangulu. In the 1940 edition of this map, they were incorrectly shown as a western part of the Kangulu.
Co-ordinates149°0'E x 23°40'S
Area4,700 sq. m. (12,200 sq. km.)
ReferencesJosephson in Curr, 1887.
Alternative NamesKanoloo, Kanalloo.