Katubanut (VIC)

LocationRain forest covered plateau and rugged coastline of Cape Otway peninsula, probably centering on Apollo Bay. Little known and became extinct a few years after white occupation. The tribal name was said to mean 'King Parrot language.' It was used by people to the west and may have been a derogatory term. Rain forests of their country were called ['jarowaitj]. Remarks about this tribe are made in the chapter detailing Comments.
Co-ordinates143°5'E x 38°45'S
AreaNot known.
ReferencesAddis, 1844 (in Great Britain, House of Commons, Papers, p. 283); Morgan, 1852; Dawson, 1881.
Alternative NamesYarro waetch (ecological term of form ['jarowaitj] applied to cold rain forests of Cape Otway by aborigines to the west), ? Pallidurgbarran.