Kwatkwat (VIC)

LocationSouth bank of the Murray River in a strip extending from above the Goulbum River junction to Barnawartha and the King and Ovens rivers junction; south to Indigo Creek. Curr implies the Pikkolatpan belong with hordes south of the river (but see Jeithi in N.S.W.).
Co-ordinates145°55'E x 36°5'S
Area1,800 sq. m. (4,700 sq. km.)
ReferencesRobinson, 1844; Reid in Smyth, 1878 (ii: 8, 68); Curr, 1887; Tindale, 1940, and MS.
Alternative NamesQuart-Quart, Emu Mudjug tribe, Pikkolatpan (where ['pik:or] = emu).