Mbewum (QLD)

LocationUpper Watson River; at Merluna. Parry-Okeden has a name like Kokimoh (partly illegible on his map) in the area occupied by this tribe.
Co-ordinates142°15'E x 12°55'S
Area600 sq. m. (1,600 sq. km.)
ReferencesParry-Okeden, 1897; Mathews, 1900 (Gr. 6559); McConnel, 1939-1940, 1950; Sharp, 1939; Tindale, 1940; Simmons, Graydon and Gajdusek, 1958.
Alternative NamesKokMbewan, Mbe:wum, Mbeiwum, M-Berwum, Bywoom, Kokinno, Kokimoh.