Mimungkum (QLD)

LocationA small tribe speaking a dialect of Wikmunkan and belonging to the group associated with that tribe; 8 on NE map. They live about 12 miles inland, south of Cape Keerweer and on the Kendall River in an area approximately 8 by 10 miles (13 by 16 km.), locally known as 'Ti-Tree.' The Wik- form of their name has not been reported-for all the other small tribes of this area, see under Wik-. A name Wikmumin is noted under the tribal heading Wikampama but could belong here.
Co-ordinates141°55'E x 14°15'S
Area80 sq. m (200 sq. km.)
ReferencesMacKenzie, 1960 MS (see note under Wikmunkan).