Muthimuthi (NSW)

LocationOn Murrumbidgee River at Balranald; southwest to Murray River; west to near Lake Benanee; at Reedy Lake; north to west of Carrawathal. Their word for 'no' = ['jeto] from which it may be inferred they are closely related to the neighboring people of the Lachlan River including the Jitajita-the basis of their name = ['mut] = ['muth] = tongue or speech. The pronunciation of their name is that preferred by my informants in 1938; the spelling as Madi madi by Hercus is not useful.
Co-ordinates143°20'E x 34°25'S
Area2,200 sq. m. (5,700 sq. km.)
ReferencesRobinson, 1846 MS; Smyth, 1878; Cameron, 1885; Mathews, 1898 (Gr. 6468); Richardson, 1899; Howitt, 1904; Stone, 1911; Brown, 1918; Tindale, 1940; and MS; AIAS, 1966; Hercus, 1970.
Alternative NamesMuti muti, Mutte Mutte, Matimati, Madi-madi, Mataua, Moorta Moorta, Matthee-matthee, Bakiin (of tribes to the south, means 'stealthy marauders by night').