Ngaku (NSW)

LocationOn the Macleay River; south to Rollands Plains; north to Macksville; inland to near Kemp Pinnacle Mountain; on the coast from Trial Bay south to Point Plomer. Radcliffe-Brown placed this tribe south of the Ngamba instead of on the coast north of them. The Yarraharpny mentioned by Henderson (1851) was probably a northern horde of this tribe between the mouth of the Macleay River and about Nambucca. Hodgkinson mentions this horde and five others identified with places within the limits of this tribal territory.
Co-ordinates152°40'E x 31°0'S
Area1,800 sq. m. (4,700 sq. km.)
ReferencesHodgkinson, 1845; Henderson, 1851; Spencer and Branch in Curr, 1887; Kemp, 1899; Verge, 1907; Radcliffe-Brown, 1929, 1930; Tindale, 1940.
Alternative NamesNiungacko (language name at Trial Bay).