Ngurunta (SA)

LocationArea from west of Barrier and Coko ranges to eastern shore of Lake Frome; south to about midwaters of Eurinilla Creek; north to about Boolka Lake and vicinity of Yandama Creek. In the first edition this tribal area was included with the Maljanjapa with whom the Ngurunta survivors resided in post-European times. My native informant was one who failed in pronouncing initial ng, hence his renderings were ['Runta] and ['Runda].
Co-ordinates140°30'E x 30°45'S
Area6,500 sq. m. (16,900 sq. km.)
ReferencesAnonymous (no. 70) in Curr, 1886; Reid in Curr, 1886; Tindale, 1964 MS.
Alternative NamesRunta, Runda.