Nunukul (QLD)

LocationNorthern portion of Stradbroke Island. An informant, not of the tribe, gave the name as Ngundjan, but Katherine Walker, who is a member of the tribe, confirms the given name. The name was accidentally omitted from the 1940 map although correctly listed in the text. Radiocarbon data obtained by D. J. Tugby (Radiocarbon 8:514) indicates occupation of the island for at least 765 ± 45 years.
Co-ordinates154°30'E x 27°25'S
Area50 sq. m. (130 sq. km.)
ReferencesCurr, 1886; Watkin in Curr, 1887; Tindale, 1940; K. Walker, 1965 pers. comm.
Alternative NamesNoonukul, Noonuccal, Moondjan (['mundjan] = no), Ngundjan (of another tribe).