Ualarai (NSW)

LocationOn Narran River from Narran Lake (Terewah) to Angledool; southeast to near Walgett; on Birrie and Bokhara rivers, southwest to Brewarrina; their western boundary fell between the Culgoa and Birrie rivers. Contrary to the statement of Mathews (1902) almost all their territory was within the bounds of New South Wales; Koamu people speak a similar dialect which may have confused him. Through errors introduced by Fraser (1892), it has been confused with a different tribe, Weraerai, north of the upper Gwydir River, with which its synonymy seems to have become somewhat mixed. Presence there of a white settlement called Yallaroi may have been a factor. Richardson's reference to his 'Youallerie' at Ipswich, Qld., is perhaps a lapse or a reference to a place not marked on present-day maps.
Co-ordinates147°25'E x 29°30'S
Area4,600 sq. m. (12,000 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesYualarai, Yualloroi, Yowaleri, Uollaroi, Youallerie, Yualari, Yualai, Yualeai, Yerraleroi, Yowairi, Yuolary, Euahlayi, Yourilri, Youahlayi, Jualjai, Juwaljai, Yuwalyai, Wallarai, Wolleroi, Walleri, Woleroi, Wollaroi, Gingi (name of a station on bank of Barwon River opposite Walgett), Brewarrana tribe ([u'al] = ['wol] = ['wal] means 'yes'; the correct Ualarai negative is ['wongo]; Radcliffe-Brown was in error in recording 'yual' as meaning 'no').